Saturday, December 8, 2007


I do like that being 26 makes it somewhat illegal to still act juvenile. Of course, I am expected to act my age, be mature and commit to wearing long pants. It entails certain responsibilities like having a job, a life plan, a wonderful legacy to leave behind. I, being me, choose to eschew all that and go with an entirely different philosophy for living. Not only does this make me a highly unconventional individual, it makes me a cautionary example to dewy-eyed kids who still believe in the promise of white picket fences and the suburban lifestyle. Because here's the actual, uncomplicated version of the facts of life: dreams have a way of shattering, people have uncanny capabilities to disappoint, and fate . . . well it definitely has methods to make life interesting (if interesting is another way of saying challenging/unbearable/bloody hell).

Despite all that, I still think life is good as it is. That will be enough to get me through this day, if only people care enough to believe me.

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