Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Let Me Count The Ways

Lately, I have been doing a lot of photoessays. Well, nobody in his/her right mind would consider the previous posts as photoessays but what the heck. Anywho, it would be an extreme oversight on my part if I fail to blog about one of the best, cutest, again cutest actresses in Asia--Charlene-my twin-Choi. God bless her, she just makes me damn happy. The right thing to do would be to bottle her essence and sell it to us, diehard fans.

I wonder how she stays so thin? I heard she doesn't eat meat. Of course, I can't do that. I'd certainly die without chicken. But I really, really, really wish I could be as thin as Charlene before my birthday. I don't think that's asking a lot? Do you? Do you? Answer me!!!

Photo credit: http://hk.geocities.com/believe_in_hot/msnbg/charlene_choi2.jpg

Monday, July 30, 2007


Okay, I love this girl. And what about that body? Slammin' hot! I wish I have her toned body. I mean, it's obvious she doesn't starve herself. This is one girl, who does it the hard way--working out. My personal goal is to lose inches off my waist and my face before August 25. I plan to maintain this, just because my birthday is round the corner. But, I cannot keep pigging out on weekends because it's definitely ruining my mood, my motivation, and everything I've worked so hard for. I guess, I'll have to do about 1 hour of cardio today and not eat dinner. I have to pay for stuffing my face and sitting on my ass this weekend. Ugh, I hate myself.

Sucky Saturday

I think when you have the runs and your puson is giving you all reasons to hate being a girl, it's safe to say that you are having the worst weekend ever. Of course, for someone who cannot poop in a public lav, it's basically hell trying to coax your stomach to settle down all the while convincing your uncooperative reproductive system to not act like a whiny brat. Yes, I think that set the mood for the following days, and no one can blame me, if I felt the need to pig out and just stuff my already fat face. God, this weekend was by far, the crappiest, saddest, fugliest moment in my life. I definitely hope I'm past the worst of it. Sigh...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day 3

Last night, I didn't exercise. I have been exercising since saturday, so I thought it would be okay to rest. I did feel hungry, though. But I didn't go crazy, I just ate some raisins and drank my cupful of milk. Later, I will try to do Kathy Smith's workout. It looks fun, I just hope I'm not going to be too tired for the seminar tomorrow. Good luck to me. And yes, I will still try to eat healthily/sparingly. I should probably buy some fruits for the house, so I won't be tempted to eat crappy stuff. Oh well...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 1

I want to congratulate myself because I stuck to my plan. Yes, I didn't eat dinner, and yes, I exercised--40 to 45 minutes on the elliptical to be exact. Of course, I'm hoping that I can be home early tonight. I am banking on the idea that I won't be too hungry and break my diet. God, I wish my face becomes slimmer soon. I hate the pudgy look. I just want to be size 2 again.

Monday, July 16, 2007


It is a terrible, terrible thing when people cannot appreciate the fine art of shooting bull. After all, it is an undisputable fact that survival is directly influenced by the ability to fabricate facts and to fib your way through dangerous situations. Contrary to what fossil records suggest, the extinction of dinosaurs came about when Barney and associates lied to Jack Bauer about the location of the asteroid. Chuck Norris therefore, took it upon himself to roundhouse kick the entire planet causing what is now known as the Cambrian explosion. What came after is a series of events that historians failed to chronicle because Christopher Walken threatened the poor saps with eternal damnation, the stipulations of which involved feeding their firstborn to Oprah Wintour, Queen of the Multiverse and Ruler of the 5,789,975th corner of Hell.