Monday, June 18, 2007

Something to Say

I have been really busy dealing with work, with personal issues. But I guess that's no excuse to neglect blogging. And this is kind of a rough start for me, a sort-of re-learning how to ride a bike. Yes, you never forget that sort of thing, but I'm assuming it's not as easy as most of us would like to think. The truth is, I am consumed by family matters. I worry, that's my thing. I worry a lot. I could tell people right now that I can bear to lose all my friends, just not my family. And yes, that's the sort of sentimentality that I try to avoid. But even if I rarely talk about it, it will never stop being true. It's funny, because only a few people see right through the heart of me. Still, I choose to let it all out here, instead of engaging in some therapeutic sob fest. I know I'm purposely being vague. Only God knows what I am going through right now. I can only pray He is listening.

My 'something to say' just lost its way. So be it.

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