Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Mantra

If there's ever a reason to watch Why Why Love . . .

江小南:"你知不知道 我們隨時都要做好下一秒談戀愛的準備
誰知道 緣份會不會己經悄悄展開了
誰知道 愛神的箭是不是己經射中我們
又誰知道 那個白馬王子不會駕著馬車來接我們呢?
當然 時代不同了
總之 我有預感

Jiang Xiao Nan: "Do you know we all have to be prepared because we may fall in love in the next second. Who knows, fate could be quietly launching? Who knows, cupid's arrow could be shooting right at us? And who knows, that our prince charming won't be fetching us in his horse carriage? Of course, it's a different generation now. He may be driving a sports car, or a cool motorbike. Anyway, I have a premonition he is coming soon."

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