Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bad Wife

Two years ago, I posted this entry on my other blog (dated Dec. 23, 2006):

If there's one thing that's more precious to me than all the gold in the universe, it's probably sleep or sleeping or you know that thing that's the exact opposite of wakefulness? yeah, you get it now, i don't have to go to a lengthy explanation bout it. you know how they say "magbiro ka na sa lasing wag lang sa bagong gising?" well that should clue you in. there's a particular quirk to my body and my personality that's anchored on the sleep gene. i'm boorish by nature but it's nothing compared to what i become whenever my sleep is interrupted. some people get nasty when they're not fed, i get testy when i don't get my 8-hour sleep. of course that alone is an accomplishment for me, my circadian rhythm is synchronized to a 36-hour schedule. i'm a freak sure, but even if i'm only napping, people should never, and i mean NEVER wake me for some petty reason like the house is on fire or the president of the country has come to visit...NEVER. it's not just rude, it throws off my sleep-wake cycle out of the orbit, which makes me homicidal and makes me want to use the most colorful language in my arsenal, the kind that puts sailors to shame. it's not pretty, well it never is, but that's not the point. the point is, LET ME SLEEP. i promise you giving me and my body all the time it needs to rest, is your only hope of ever seeing the "nice" side of me. it's not a myth.

Two days ago:

I got into a fight. Actually, it wasn't really a fight, 'cause I was doing all the shouting and channeling the all-powerful Mrs. Grumpykins.

Bottomline: Nobody should ask me weird questions when I'm still sleeping.

Bad Wife Connection:

Woe to the man who asks me for nookie in the wee hours of the morning. Ditto for preparing breakfast and milking the cow (in case I marry a farmer...).

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