Friday, August 17, 2007

Faith in the Unseen

Kakashi by ~lenkapittnerova on deviantART
I cannot trust someone who follows the rules all the time. Their motivations are, of course, subject to suspicion. You have to wonder if playing by-the-book is something they do to cover their asses, or is dictated by compulsions that are way out of their control. I'd rather deal with the bottom-line type of guy--the guy who gives you results, not contingency plans. If it makes us look like assholes, so be it. I honestly feel it's better to be labeled an ass than a tightwad. I say, to hell with the rules, to hell with being punished. That is the essence of being deviant, after all. John Mayer may espouse the idea of having no room for squares, but I do operate in the spirit of tolerance. If you, however, need the rules, this is not the place for you. I say, long live the freaks of nature!

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