Thursday, March 1, 2007

I Aimed for Sin and Got Tragedy

There are moments that should never be chronicled because you are tired or disillusioned or lonely for the night. If you have to keep yourself sedated or unconscious or dead, then do so. Remember that bits of stolen pleasure are always eclipsed by guilt and regret. Remember too, that the soul can only bear so much pain. Denying the self may not always mean definite rewards, but realize that life is never about fairness as it is about lessons. Take time to be silent. And in your silence, learn some humility. If you fear your existence lacks validation, self-promotion will not help your cause. Trust that there will always be people for whom your greatness and brilliance will never be questioned. Improve yourself but never at the expense of others. Learn to sacrifice but be subtle about it. Moments of charity and grace are rarely viewed without suspicion. Seek advice, not to justify your reasons, but to expand the borders of your understanding. Dance. Just because you can and just because you need an outlet for your inhibitions. Fail, or more to the point, accept failure. Aiming for perfection is setting yourself up for disappointment. BUT do not forget to take pride in trying. Trying can hurt, but one day you will look back and congratulate yourself for the risks you have taken.

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