Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It's weird how a simple "Kamusta?" can have me literally stumped. Of course, I can always reply with a generic, "Ayos lang," or maybe just nod my head, smile, wave like a lunatic--proofs that my imagination is rapidly declining. Sometimes I wonder if I can get away with, "Oh, I feel 3,000 shades of crappy today, but thanks so much for asking." But I guess we are trained to say the polite thing. You know, the one that would not put the asker in the least comfortable position. Personally, I think that's stupid. We should all promote an atmosphere of brutal honesty without fear of repercussions. So if a cute guy walks up to me and goes, "How ya doin?" I should be able to say what I really feel, which is: "I'm good. I so wanna jump you right now. Could you meet me later tonight?, without the world labeling me as a hoe, a slut, and all things malandi this side of the metropolis. I say forget civility. If I'm suddenly faced with an ex-flame and he asks how life is treating me, I should just say, "I'm wonderful considering you left me for a girl who's dumber than a box of rocks and looks like a prostitute." Tell me I'm not insane.

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