Tuesday, January 13, 2009

100 Questions (Part 1)

The closest I'll ever get to being a Korean idol...

1. Name: Melissa Rodriguez
2. Sex: Female
3. E-mail address: Sorry, but I’m scared of rabid fanboys…(haha!)
4. Birthday: September 16
5. Family: Mang Mel, Aling Meds, Badz, Badzie, Bamzie, plus the 8 million people claiming to be my relatives.
6. Height: 5’5” (Oh, I thought you meant ideal height.)
7. Weight: 100 lbs. (when I’m nekkid)
8. Something good about yourself: My kneecaps
9. Something bad about yourself: I have the forehead of a fifty-year old woman.
10. Describe your personality in one word: weird
11. Celebs that you like: local or foreign?
12. Songs you like: As long as it doesn’t fall under “songs I don’t like.”
13. Favorite season: Summer…sucks!
14. Game you’re good at: Pick hakbang
15. My ideal man: Park Myung Soo (hahahahahaha!)
16. Younger or older man? No preference.
17. Your mood right now: So-so, which is why I’m doing this…
18. What you have in your pocket right now: lint
19. Your take on sleepovers: Good, as long as alcohol isn’t involved.
20. Alcohol tolerance: 4 bottles (beer)
21. Drinking habits: Hmm, I’ll have to ask my drinking buddies.
22. First time you drank alcohol: High school, I think, can’t really remember.
23. When do you want to get married? In three years or so
24. About my singing: What about it?
25. About my dancing: What about it?

Pix Credit: http://bluepinch.exteen.com/images/img249499388.jpg

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