Thursday, January 15, 2009

100 Questions (Part 2)

*The madness continues...*

26. Something you want these days: Clear mascara and my chuchay (just because I know bee will be reading this…hardiharhar)
27. Things you do when you’re home alone: I pretend I’m somewhere else.
28. What you say to yourself when you’re standing in front of the mirror: You’re an alien.
29. Clothes you’re wearing right now: grey drawstring pants, blue top, white and violet cardigan
30. How much money do you have in your wallet: less than 200php
31. What you want to buy for your boyfriend: a new girlfriend
32. Does height matter to you? Yes.
33. Your karaoke staples: Irreplaceable, Say What You Want
34. What would you do if you had plans with your friends but they never showed up: I’ll throw the mother of all tantrums.
35. What would you do if the person you loved cheated on you: Become the person I am today.
36. How long can you wait for the person you love: 5 minutes, tops!
37. When was your first kiss: with or without tongue?
38. Facial feature/s you are most satisfied with: ears.
39. Facial feature/s you hate the most: T-zone
40. People you miss the most right now: Badzie, Emil, Phoebe
41. When was your first love? Grade 6
42. Year when you cried the most: 2004-2005
43. When do you feel most grown up? When I pay the bills…
44. What you don’t like: This questionnaire.
45. When you feel happiest: After I’m done with this questionnaire.
46. When you were most flabbergasted: Every 7 minutes.
47. Best looking person of the opposite sex you’ve seen so far: UP Oblation
48. Why aren’t you going out with anyone: I’m going out with someone. Who wants to go out with just anyone?
49. What you feel towards that person: What person? (Lost in translation ini…)
50. What would you say to the people actually reading this: I’m sorry I can’t pay for your burned retinas.

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