Monday, January 19, 2009

100 Questions (Part 3)

51. Something you’re most worried about: family matters; my health
52. Times when you look most weak: after an odontectomy (death to all wisdom teeth in the universe!)
53. How do you NOT get dumped: Don’t be in a relationship.
54. 3 things a person NEEDS the most: family, good health, great job
55. Your grades in school: were okay from grade school to high school and turned to absolute crap when I got to college
56. #1 on your speed dial: God (I wish!)
57. Your mobile provider: Globe
58. Your phone bill every month: I honestly don’t know.
59. Places you want to visit: Korea and Japan
60. Your favorite TV program: Infinity Challenge, We Got Married
61. Last movie that pissed you off: When Love Begins (seriously, that was a total waste of Aga Muhlach’s talents…)
62. Most meaningful movie you’ve seen: In the Mood for Love or any WKW movie for that matter
63. Last movie you saw: Ang Tanging Ina Niyong Lahat
64. Movie/s you want to recommend: The Wrestler (haven’t seen it but my brother says it’s really good)
65. Favorite movie character: Stephen Chiau in God of Cookery
66. How many forums are you a member of: 2, maybe 3
67. Which forums do you frequent the most: soompi and asianfanatics
68. What you feel about these forums: I’m not much of a poster, but I really enjoy reading other members’ comments. Yeah, I’m a lurker and proud of it!
69. What you want to say to the mod of these forums: Lovely people like you should be rewarded.
70. Do you believe it is okay to marry someone else to save the person that you love: Huh? (Editing powers have reached their limits)
71.What would you do if your parents don’t approve of your would-be husband? Threaten them until they say yes?
72. Are you a player? Err, that depends on the game that is being played.
73. What time do you wake up? 7am (M-F); 9-10am (weekends)
74. Your usual bedtime: 11pm
75. If someone you met for the first time asked for your number: I’ll check first if he or she doesn’t look like someone who’d post my number on a dating site, and then I’ll let him/her have my digits.

(AN: Heechul's answers are funny, but I'm using Micky Yoochun's template. I'm not sure if there are variations, but if you want to check, here's the link for all you rabid fangirls out there: By the way, thanks to the owner of this site.)

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